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Therapeutic Diets

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Therapeutic Diets

Ancient Ayurvedic science has multiple aspects and solutions for multiple disorders. For obesity treatment Ayurveda is panacea. As per Ayurvedic science, there are three principle life energies in the body; Vata, Pitta and Khapha. For a disorder in any of these body systems separate diets are required A misbalance in Kapha causes obesity therefore appropriate diets are required to balance the Kapha energy. Dieticians at Diet Clinic have widely researched over Ayurveda and prepared Ayurvedic diets from the lap of nature.

Due to sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits and hereditary lifestyle people develop disorders like high blood pressure. In this therapeutic diet, we restrict sodium content intake by prohibiting foods that have excess sodium content in them. Added salt to food is banished for you. Instead you are allowed potassium rich foods which help in neutralization of sodium. Low sodium salt may be an option. Diet Clinic prepares diets after proper consultation with the patient; therefore diet works differently over each patient.

Get relieved from dangerous and harmful toxins which have deposited in your body due to environmental pollution and unwanted outside foods. For a quick flush of harmful toxins, your body needs a thorough cleanup. Diet Clinic has prepared a series of detoxification diets for a proper flush out of harmful toxins. The diet chiefly consists of fluids, juices, salads, squashes, lemonade etc. which help in digestive tract clearance and easy excretion of toxins. This helps in weight loss too.

Around 380 million people of the world are suffering from type ll diabetes and most of them are also suffering from obesity. Diet Clinic is providing therapeutic diets for people who are suffering from diabetes. Our diet consists of combination of foods which are very low in glucose. We have added fiber rich fruits and vegetables to the diet plan for better digestion. It is a metabolic disorder, so a daily walk is a must to cure it. Contact Diet Clinic for early recovery

Diet Clinic is offering diets for gym going people. People join gym for three reasons; weight gain, weight loss and for general fitness. Our diets will be helpful for you in any of these cases. For proper body fitness you need a customized diet plan, as you sweat voluminously at gym so you need recovery diets which help you to maintain the required energy for your daily chores. Diet Clinic helps you to refuel your body after gym and at the same time your weight remains within ideal limits.

Diet Clinic is helping people to reduce body weight through specialized diets in a time bound mechanism. Our mentor dietician Sheela Sehrawat has developed several weight loss diet plans in her 11 year stint as an expert dietician. We customized these diet plans according to the individual needs of the clients, so that everybody must get his personal diet plan that suits to his individual specifications. Weight loss program begins with a registration form filling enquiry which allows us to understand your medical history or condition, eating habits, lifestyle and many other relevant factors which affect weight management. After a proper analyses of these factors we schedule a meeting or phone call with the client to discuss further peculiarities and to clear any doubts of the client regarding diets.